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Define a Career Path

I believe that for most new call center recruits or candidates, there is little understanding of how their career can develop within the industry.

When we talk about attraction to the industry, really what we mean is defining a career path for recruits. It’s vital that we talk about career development so that employees do understand that there is room to grow. Yes, most will begin as agents taking calls, but as they acquire skills and perform, they’ll be given more responsibility. A great deal of this, involves a relinquishing – to a certain degree – of the traditional rigid corporate structure that BPOs are often run under. I believe knowledge and understanding must be shared among staff.

There is a real need to make sure agents understand why their team leader, supervisor or operational managers is asking a specific task of them, and why their KPIs focus on this and not on that. By sharing that understanding people are better able to commit. If management lets agents understand why they’re being asked to do a particular task, the agents can then become involved in conversations with management and see that their opinion has meaning.

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